How We Give

UUFLB is a 501(c)(3) organization. All donations are tax deductible. Our Tax ID # is 33-042-0692.

Individual Online Donations   Through our generosity as individuals, we build a shared community of peace, love, tolerance, and action. (See below for info on various ways to give, including online.)

Annual Pledge   In recognition of the unique challenges we have all faced during the onset of the pandemic, we delayed our Annual Pledge Drive. Our new fiscal year begins on July 1, and our pledge drive will start soon after. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact our Treasurer, Tom McGrew. 

Investing in Our Values: Planned Gifts, Legacies, Endowments   Our Fellowship, founded in 1948, has played an important role in the lives of many generations and families and, through our contributions, to the wider community. Planned giving can provide security from financial distress for the generations who will come to know this loving Fellowship their spiritual home, just as you have. Generous individuals can make a lasting gift that will benefit our Fellowship again and again for generations to come. And for you there will be the satisfaction of knowing that your gift, by contributing to the safekeeping of this lovely Fellowship, will be deeply appreciated by all who follow in your footsteps. 

Currently, and for some time now, individual donations and annual pledging have provided the sole financial support of our Fellowship. It has been many years since we last received larger estate gifts or were able to sustain an endowment fund, and the lack of that level of support has deeply affected the confidence and courageous action we know we are capable of.  

When safely managed, an endowment fund can lend a measure of support to an annual operating budget, often making the difference between meeting basic congregational necessities and making it possible for a congregation to move beyond its own sustenance to live its principles into the wider community. It can provide a financial cushion of security at times of unanticipated need or crisis, as in the current pandemic. Not only that, a thriving endowment can release a membership from the pressure of annual fundraising endeavors and release their time, talent, and treasure to be allocated directly toward mission and goals.  

Please complete our Parting Gifts form to let us know that you have, or would like to, make a legacy gift. We encourage you to work with your personal attorney and/or financial advisor to choose the best way for you to make your gift. And, our Treasurer, Tom McGrew, will be happy to answer your questions.  

Online Giving

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Text Giving

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