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Join host Paul Bogdan for timely conversations and great company in a small-group setting. All are welcome! We share what's going on in our own lives and exchange our thoughts and experiences on a variety of weekly topics. More info? Contact Rev. Lee Marie Sanchez for information or (714) 336-3337.

To join the discussion: click: Zoom at Noon   Meeting ID: 843 2672 1307 / Password: 304302

July 17: "Control"  How do you determine what is beyond your control? How do you relinquish control to allow space for others to assist or take over? Where in your life have you been most successful in taking control or loosening "the reins"? 

Recent topics

Art & Heritage
What should be done with Confederate statues? Leave them alone as art or history, but publically identify them as racist symbols? Destroy them? What about Mount Rushmore? How should this art and/or history be preserved?

Knowledge. Which source or sources of knowledge have enriched your life the most? Has your quest for knowledge or types of knowledge changed over the years? If so, how has it changed? Which topics or subject matter do you wish you knew more about or plan to explore next?  

Stagnation. Have you experienced stagnation? How did you get moving? What about spiritual stagnation? What role does procrastination play? How has the pandemic effected your daily and/or long term goals?  

Listening. Are you a good listener? What about when conversing with a person with an opposing view point? Do you feel heard by friends, the congregation, society? How do we overcome our judgement and see a person's inherent worth when we do not share their views?  

Addictions. Does the human condition include addiction? What, if any, are our personal addictions? And our congregation’s addictions? And our society’s addictions? Do they exist and how do they serve us?  

Approval. Do we seek approval at the expense of being our true selves? When have we expressed ourselves in the face of disapproval? Is there a difference in being “liked” and “approval”?  

Inspiration & Imagination. How does inspiration come to you? Can inspiration be sought out? How are you an inspiration? In which ways do you nourish your imagination?

Expectations. Many times, our expectations are based on our assumptions about ourselves or our world. What expectations do you have of yourself? Family? Friends? In what ways have expectations helped you or had a negative impact??